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How to buy an iPhone directly from the American Apple website [ web iphone ]

How to buy an iPhone from the American Apple website, and can I buy an iPhone from the Apple website? And does Apple’s website ship to Saudi Arabia? There are many questions about how to buy the new iPhone from the original Apple websites in America, where many people are keen to buy it, and through a useful site, we will learn today how to buy this device.

Apple’s original website – Apple’s official US website

On the original and official Apple website, there are many versions of iPhone phones and other smart watches, wireless headphones and many other devices, and perhaps the iPhone is the most popular and important among a large segment of users who want to buy the iPhone 12 with its four versions or the iPhone 13 and very soon the iPhone 14, which It will be released this year 2022.

In the event that you are in America and want to buy the iPhone from the original Apple website, this is easy for you as long as you are on American soil, the origin of the iPhone, but the problem appears when you are outside this country, such as Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Kuwait and other countries of the Arab Gulf or the Arab world, Many complain about the long time the phone is shipped to their countries.

It is known that it takes a long time for the new device to be available to reach the local markets, so many resort to using the method of buying an iPhone from the official American website Apple on the Internet (Apple’s official website America) in order to be able to obtain it and save time, which may take up to 6 months From the time of the announcement of the phone at the official Apple conference that it launches when revealing its new products.

How to buy an iPhone from the American Apple website

As we mentioned earlier, there is a problem, which is that if you want to buy the new iPhone, the latest version, you will not be able to get it through the official stores once it is revealed and get it in a few days instead of waiting for a long time that extends for months.

The other problem, which is related to the above and we talked about in the previous point, is that you do not have an American address that you can use to ship the device to your area of ​​residence, whether in Saudi Arabia or other Arab Gulf countries.

Link to buy an iPhone from the American Apple website

The solution to the two previous problems is in the link to buy an iPhone from the American Apple website, and the Shop for Less iPhone website, through which you will be able to get my American address, a wonderful and very useful American shipping site that will save you effort and time, and through it you will get an official address (we will learn how to register Later), and to be able to buy an iPhone from the American Apple website, you must:

American Apple Store

  • Go to the original and official Apple website link : click here
  • Choose the model or version you want to buy and have it shipped like iPhone 14 and other versions for where you live.
  • You can make an order to buy a phone through the site itself directly.
  • Choose your phone’s version, color, and other options before completing the iPhone purchase steps.
  • Click on order to start the shipping and delivery procedures.
  • The phone will be shipped to your residence.

But as we mentioned, the problem is that it may take a long time, especially since you are in countries other than America, which is among the first countries in which iPhone phones are launched, followed by China, Japan, Germany, and other European Union countries, until the role reaches the Arab countries in the Middle East. Including Saudi Arabia.

US Ship4Less shipping site

Still with a way to buy an iPhone from the American Apple website? The solution to this problem is to use an American shipping site called Ship4Less, and its advantages are:

  • A global and well-known site that you can use and benefit from anywhere in the world, especially the Arab Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE.
  • You can get a US address to ship the products and devices you buy through various e-commerce sites such as: Amazon, Alibaba Express, eBay,, Noon, and other commercial platforms.
  • Shopping from any store in the world you want with ease.
  • Instead of waiting you can get the device in a short time.
  • Save time until the iPhone reaches the local market, you will get it long before these markets.
  • You can get a ship4less discount code or a Ship4Less discount code to get additional benefits if you subscribe and register on the site.
  • And other features and other improvements that you will not find on any other site.

Register on ship4less website (ship4less experience)

Are you convinced of the advantages that this site provides you with? Certainly, if the answer is yes, you will immediately think of registering on the Ship4less website, and the method of registration is as follows:

  • Go to the Shop4less website link, click here.
  • Scroll down to (Get your inventory now).
  • Type the first and last name.
  • E-mail.
  • Add your password.
  • Write your full and detailed address.
  • Choose the country, and then select the city.
  • The international code of the country in which you reside.
  • Type the mobile number.
  • Select the gender male or female.
  • Choose the language you speak Arabic or English.
  • Tick ​​the check mark (I agree to the terms of use and privacy policy).
  • Finally, click on (Register).

In this way, you will be able to get your own account, go and activate your account through the message you received via e-mail to be able to take advantage of the advantages of this site and also learn about US mail rates.

In conclusion, in today’s article, we learned how to buy an iPhone from the American website Apple, which is a simple and easy way with the presence of the American shipping site Ship4less, which provides you with an American address that you can use to buy your needs and shop from any online store you want.

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